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In July 2011, the Purdy family began renovation on downtown Richmond’s historic D.M. Bright Building, formerly known as Irene’s dress shop. They were eager to deliver a unique new coffee experience and, even more so, a human experience like no other. 

In August 2011, Robert and Kristin Purdy asked veteran coffee aficionado and sister/sister-in-law, Kara Purdy, to partner with them in the formation of Purdy’s Coffee Co. In September of that same year, the Purdy family set out to track down the best coffee they could find and they found that answer with a local micro-roastery in Louisville, KY. Specializing in roasting handcrafted batches of the best coffee from around the world and with a shared passion for exceptional cup quality and sustainable buying practices, a perfect union began with Sunergos Coffee.

In January 2012, the Richmond Register ran a front page article on the Purdy’s restoration project of downtown Richmond’s oldest listed building, creating a definite buzz about what was going inside. By April 2012, the Purdy’s decked out Synesso espresso machine arrived on the scene, armed and ready to pull the best shots in town.

In May 2012, Purdy's Coffee Co. officially opened the doors of their flagship location to the public and have enjoyed many phenomenal years of service at this location. They have recently opened their second location on Big Hill Ave adjacent to Jerry Goble State Farm complete with a conference room for rentals as well as a drive-thru!

The Purdy’s are so thankful to have had the pleasure of serving delicious coffee, pastries, and sandwiches to one of the finest communities there is.


Richmond is a city of genuine hospitality, with an authentic blend of southern charm and cultural sophistication. The people, the sense of community, the entire city loves to give without any expectation of return. Richmond is a beautiful representation of the human spirit in its most genuine state. 

Look no further for evidence of that giving spirit than the Pay-It-Forward boards in our shop. People just like you come in every day and buy drinks for friends, co-workers, local heroes, strangers, and even Coach Cal. Come buy a drink for someone going through a hard timesomeone celebrating their graduation, or just because. There may even be a drink waiting for you!

Still unsure? Watch the video below:

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